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Monday, July 14, 2014

California Pinot Noir: Does it always have to break the bank?

More often than not, many people’s first thought on Pinot Noir is bad news: it is always expensive. However, it is a relative expensive. Quite simply, there are no good $10 Pinot Noirs. The good news is that the most amazing California Pinot Noirs max out around $100 while Cabernet can push past $300 in the blink of the eye. One of the challenges in growing Pinot Noir is for the farmer—low yields favor high quality and so it is hard to make money growing it (California yields for still wines are usually under four tons per acre.) This is why Pinot produces some of the highest-priced wines in the world. So how do you find great tasting Pinots at a price that won’t break the bank? Luckily, California has many excellent microclimates that grow a lot of Pinot Noir (39,000 acres) at a wide range of prices.

Pinot Noir grapes are often harvested by hand in California
Pinot Noir is a notoriously arduous grape in the vineyard. In the weeks and months leading up to harvest, winemakers and vineyard managers walk a fine line deciding the best course of action for grapes that are particularly thin-skinned. Because of this thin skin, Pinot Noir will dry up if the weather gets too hot and will be negatively affected if the weather gets too cold. The grapes like to be nice and warm during the day and cool off at night. This is the reason why Pinot grows so well in microclimates throughout California which enjoy lots of coastal influences: Sonoma Coast, Santa Lucia Highlands, Santa Barbara and Carneros.

For most shoppers, when searching for wine, buying a $50 Pinot Noir is something of a splurge. But what about the really great wines under $30? To find great Pinot under $30 you either need to try a lot of wines or know someone that does. The staff at Bacchus & Venus tries dozens of new Pinot Noir each week to bring you nothing but the best!
"Wait, this Pinot Noir is under $30!??!"

To keep you cool and hydrated with lots of wine for the summer, we've put together a six pack of great value-priced Pinot Noirs, all under $30. Mix-and-match however you'd like. Wines like these are great for all occasions! 

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