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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Art of Chilled Reds

Unless you live in a castle, you may be drinking your red wines too warm. The "room temperature" custom of drinking red wine arose when it was colder indoors. (Castles and other stone homes with few windows are drafty!) Likewise, even though white wines were traditionally consumed right out of the a cold cellar, they were not intended to be served as cold as our current refrigerators make them.

If a wine is served too cold, it will mask its aromas and flavors, making it seem simple. And, if the wine is too warm, it will seem flabby (meaning lacking acidity and structure).


Most days in Sausalito are quite cool, but on our warmer days, we at Bacchus & Venus, chill down our lighter-bodied reds in the fridge - wines that are meant to be served between 55-60 degrees.  This includes wines such as Pinot Noir, Grenache, Counoise, Tempranillo, Barbera, and of course, Rosé. 

Light reds should be served between 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit

These wines have subtle, elegant flavors that are enhanced and more detectable when the wine is chilled down about 10-15 degrees. Expressive fruity characteristics such as light plum, strawberry, raspberry, white pepper and licorice explode out of the glass with just a little bit of a chill. 

There are only so many icy cold Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnays one human being can drink during hot months, so why not switch it up into Indian summer with a selection of light-bodied, meant-to-be-chilled reds? These light red wines pair well with a wide variety of foods and are generally more elegant than darker colored wines. Here's a select four-pack to get you started:

Try Four Light-Bodied 
Reds for Just $99

Bedrock Mendocino Grenache Gris 2013 $28
From the Gibson Ranch in Mendocino this is a rare mutation of Grenache called Grenache Gris. It's a light peachy-pink colored grape. (Think California Beaujolais.) It goes well with everything from fish to chicken to burgers.  

Le P'tit Paysan Rosé of Mouvedre 2010 $16
Violet, cherries and a hint of smokiness on the nose, are followed by cranberries and tart blackberries on the palate - all moving and evolving to create a new perception with every sip.

Broc Cellars Mendocino Counoise 2013 $28
Coun-What??? Pronounced "Coon-wahh" this under-appreciated Rhone varietal is an expressive, aromatic light-to-medium body wine that pairs well with Carne Asada. Aromas of red and black fruit are juicy and refreshing - this wine is the ultimate pool-side sipper!   

Groundwork Santa Barbara Grenache 2012 $27
A dense nose rich with raspberry liquor, crushed rose petal, ground clove and sage. On the palate it shows hints of sea breeze, black licorice and blueberry with lasting dusty tannins. Northern Rhone Syrah meets Central Coast Grenache - very popular here.

Just $99 for all four bottles!
To purchase the Chilled Reds Four Pack, call or email us OR click here: 
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